AMPED Hydrate

A Refreshing Vitamin & Mineral Blend

Fact! You lose tons of fluids, nutrients, and electrolytes throughout your day. Add physical activity to the mix, and your body can really be at a deficit. The advanced electrolytes in AMPED™ Hydrate are perfect for replenishment in four thirst-quenching flavours. With 0 grams of added sugar per serving, it truly is a foolproof solution for daily hydration.

  • 0 grams of sugar per serving.
  • Fortified with vitamins B and C complex.
  • Helps you stay hydrated and supports better health.
  • Daily electrolyte support from natural sources: Himalayan salt, coconut water, and banana.
  • Made with natural ingredients. No artificial flavours, colours, or sweeteners.
  • Daily hydration for the family.
  • Four thirst-quenching flavours: Lemon Lime, Orange, Blue Raspberry, and Coconut.
  • Suitable for vegans.

Replenish More Than Just Water

Whether you’re playing sports, travelling, spending time outdoors, or going about your day, your body is always losing vital fluids, nutrients, and minerals. And get this: Our bodies are 60% water, , so it’s important to hydrate and replenish with beverages that don’t have excess calories and sugar. Although these are plentiful in today’s high-convenience world, choose beverages that provide functional ingredients that contribute to daily intake of important vitamins and minerals.

We know that getting enough fluids can be a chore. In addition to drinking enough water, it would be helpful to find one solution that supports daily hydration for the family and busy, active lifestyles.

AMPED™ Hydrate is a vitamin and mineral blend provides ingredients from fruits, vitamins and minerals, and the electrolyte replenishment you need in your new favourite daily mix!

What’s Inside AMPED Hydrate?

AMPED™ Hydrate combines the best of what’s inside (electrolytes and vitamins C and B complex) and what’s not (extra calories and tons of sugar) to create the perfect hydration solution.
  • 0 grams of sugar
  • Electrolyte blend
  • Vitamins C and B complex
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • No artificial flavours, colours, or sweeteners

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